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If a normal Trike or Bike was completely electrically operated it would need to be registered to comply with Australian Design Rules (ADR). To maintain compliance our electric Trike Bike has a unique set of controls. Press and hold one button on the keypad and the Trike will drive away at speeds up to 6 km/h (which is a fast walking pace). This is a speed limitation to remain legal for electric powered vehicles, lift your finger off the button or touch the brakes and power to the electric motor instantly ceases.

To go any faster than this you need to select any of the four other settings and start pedaling the Trike. By pedaling the Trike you engage the electric assistance and with four different settings you can go from just a few kilometers per hour right up to the top speed of over 25 km/h. Stop pedaling or touch the brakes and the electric motor automatically disengages and the Trike starts to slow.
The important thing to note is you don’t have to pedal hard; just move the pedals and keep them moving and the electric motor stays engaged. You are now racing along and still getting a little bit of exercise also !
The electric motor is 250 watt and operates at 36 volts (the maximum legal limit in AU). The battery is lithium polymer and the manufacturer advises the expected life span is 10 years or 2000 recharge cycles, whichever comes first. The electric Trike Bike is also supplied with a special power saving smart charger that can recharge in as little as 4 hours from flat.

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